Keto Control (KC)

KC is software used by the health professional. This software provides means of calculating the Ketogenic variables based on input supplied.

KC is a feature rich application with:

  1. Calculates the Ketogenic variables.
  2. Controls KMO-Home used by the patients. 
  3. Sets up to 12 menus per day for KMO-Home.   
  4. Sets variable menus for KMO-Home (If required).   
  5. Locks / unlocks user access to Ketogenic variables by patient.  
  6. Maintains a patient history. 
  7. Automatically calculates BMI for the patients. 
  8. Graphs the growth percentile over a period of 3 years. 
  9. Graphs the weight percentile over a period of 3 years.
  10. Will automatically check for updates of the software.

  This software was written by users, it was created out of a need and although never intended to be a commercial venture, due to the demand for a better and easier way to manage the Ketogenic diet, it became commercially available.

It is the opinion of the proprietors of Ketosoft Pty Ltd that the foremost requirement of using the software is the fact that it has to be constantly monitored by a physician competent in the calculation and the administering of the ketogenic diet.

Patent setup form.
All data required for the setup of the KD is entered on this page.

Graph form.
Values will be shown and compared with the norm.