Keto Sport

Keto Sport is a limited version of KMO-Home.  This version is aimed for the weight loss and boy building industry.

It is the opinion of the proprietors of Ketosoft Pty Ltd that the foremost requirement of using the software is the fact that it has to be constantly monitored by a physician competent in the calculation and the administering of the Ketogenic diet.

Registration form.
MCT is not available in KetoSport, Max. ration = 2:1, Max meals per day is 6.

Menu Choice.
Select from previously composed menus for "Fast finetuning" and other adjustments.

Menu Make.
Compose and calculate menus using selected food items.

Add Food.
Enter new food items or change existing ones.

Make Food Stock.
Enter recipes for soups, sauces, bread etc. and save.
These saved items will become available as food items for the meal calculation.

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