1. The purpose of this Diversity Policy
The purpose of this diversity policy, practices and initiatives referred to or associated with this policy is to ensure:

2. Stakeholders and Commitment

In this regard, Ketosoft Pty Ltd recognises the important contribution that people of diverse backgrounds, experience, age and cultural association bring to the company.

Due to the international focus of Ketosoft, all kind of international cultural issues have to be addressed. Not only inter employee and employee-employer

(internal stakeholders) issues but also cultural issues with clients (external stakeholders). All stake holders are individuals having to their own "diversities", therefore none of the specific issues or requirements can be identified as specific to any stakeholder.

(Internal stakeholders) Specifically in relation to true diversity, increased meaningful and long-term participation of differently abled people in the company is best achieved through professional development opportunities and flexible employment practices rather than through quotas.

Through this policy Ketosoft Pty Ltd has established its commitment to and measurable objectives for achieving diversity.


In adopting this policy the Ketosoft Pty Ltd is committing to:
measurable objectives of this policy.

3. Responsibilities

General Manager

Management Team

The management team is accountable to the General Manager for:
Other Employees

All employees are responsible for:

4. Measurable Objectives

The measurable objectives that underpin Ketosoft's commitment to increasing diversity participation in the Company are focused on:

5. Implementation and Monitoring