Ketogenic Menu Organiser-Home

KMO-Home: is software used by the carers of the patients on the Ketogenic Diet.  It helps with the organization of the menu and the calculation

KMO-Home is a feature rich application with:

  1. Menu Choice: is a feature that can recall menus created in the past. When the diet has been fine tuned, menu choice will automatically update the menus so it will be in accordance with the new variables.
  2. Make / Edit Menu: is a feature where ingredients are selected and menus are created, calculated, ingredients are substituted 
  3. Add Food: is a feature where the user adds ingredients to the existing database, by entering the name and the nutritional information. 
  4. Stock Food: is a feature allowing the user to create unbalanced food to be used as an ingredient in the menu calculation. 
  5. Scheduler: is a feature where the menus are arranged for one week ahead. 
  6. WWW: is an internet viewer, allowing the user to exchange menus, seek help and it will keep the user up-to-date with the ketogenic news 
  7. KMO-Home has a trial period for the length of time that is required to ascertain if the diet is working.
  8. KMO-Home will automatically check for updates of the software.

This software was written by users, it was created out of a need and although never intended to be a commercial venture, due to the demand for a better and easier way to manage the ketogenic diet, it became commercially available.

It is the opinion of the proprietors of Ketosoft Pty Ltd that the foremost requirement of using the software is the fact that it has to be constantly monitored by a physician competent in the calculation and the administering of the ketogenic diet.

Registration form.
All Ketogenic variables will be locked and controlled by KC, if used with KC.

Meal setup form.
Meals sizes can be variable and up-to 12 meals per day.
All meals variables will be locked and controlled by KC, if used with KC.

Menu Choice.
Select from previously composed menus for "Fast finetuning" and other adjustments.

Menu Make.
Compose and calculate menus using selected food items.

Add Food.
Enter new food items or change existing ones.

Make Food Stock.
Enter recipes for soups, sauces, bread etc. and save.
These food will become available as food items for the meal calculation.

Keep up-to-date with the new releases and news.