What is the Ketogenic Menu Organiser-Professional?

KMO-Pro. is software used by the physician/dietician to control the administering of the Ketogenic Diet.    KMO-Pro is the same as KMO-Home; however, it is used to cater for multiple patients.

It is and has been common practice to start the Ketogenic diet in a hospital, so a close eye can be held on the welfare of the patient.  An unknown, underlying condition could surface requiring medical intervention during this start-up period.

In the past when ketosis had been established, keto-acidosis was a problem.  This occurred presumably when the variables had not been set correct or when the diet was not calculated correctly.

It is the opinion of the proprietors of Ketosoft Pty Ltd that the foremost requirement of using the software is the fact that it has to be constantly monitored by a physician competent in the calculation and the administering of the ketogenic diet.